Customer Service Solution

3Pulse Solution

Customer Service Outsourcing

Customer satisfaction plays an important role in revenue growth, customer loyalty, and brand reputation for e-commerce businesses. Outsourcing customer service from experts for your back-office requirements is an efficient solution, which will enable you to focus on your core activities, keeping your customer requests management in experienced hands. 
With its dedicated team of multi-language experts, 3Pulse will help you manage your customer-related tasks from start to end. We generate a strong customer base for you, enhancing the growth of your business.

What We Offer

Our Services

Pre-Sale Service

Our team will timely respond to your customer's inquiries with a solution, as per the marketplace's guidelines. Our professional approach will help you win over your global clients.

After-Sale Service

We offer after-sale services like shipment requests, claim management, refunds, replacement, and more, your sales requests will be treated efficiently and on time by our expert team for your global clients.

Data Management Service

Your listings, SEO, translation, accounting management can be handled by our experienced team who have years of experience handling marketplace sales.

Advantages of Outsourcing Our Services

For your customer service tasks


Sales Growth

By outsourcing a team for your customer service needs, you can focus more on your core business and products.


Save Cost

By having a cost per message approach, you can easily integrate this expense into your selling price and have a cost-effective way of replying to your customers.


Timely Responses

Competitive marketplaces have made quick responses to customer demands mandatory. We ensure all your requests are answered within 24 hours, keeping your account healthy.


Go Global

Selling worldwide means global customers. They may need replies in their language. Our team speaks 8 different languages that can help you respond to your international customer needs. 


Increase Customers

Quick response with detailed information to customers has proven to increase sales and customer loyalty. Our team helps you create this positive impact.


Ensure Security

Each marketplace has different rules and targets different client requests. Our team has years of experience in ensuring a qualitative answer.

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