Dropshipping Solution


Dropshipping business is evolving, don't miss out the key to your success


Are you finding it hard to source your quality products from Chinese markets, or communicate with Chinese suppliers? Or unsure of the sourced products with no quality check onsite?

Are you facing difficulties in finding the right price for your targeted product due to the competitive pricing, or issues with no transparency and overpricing by the suppliers?

Are you facing issues with the tracking numbers for your product's delivery or with fake tracking numbers or your packages being lost?

Are you facing issues in managing numerous suppliers with your wide range of products? This could lead you to lose competitiveness and lead to a bad customer experience. Or suppliers may not even consider you as they feel your order request is too small.

Are you facing issues due to a lack of professionalism with your freelance customer service agents? Issues that led to bad customer service experience with their inability to manage returns locally. 

Are you finding it hard to stand out with your products among the competition or are you looking for ways to be different in your business model, to create an impactful experience among your customers?

Or Simply Disappointed With
The Under-Performance Of Your Current Agent

Result :
Unsatisfied Customers Drop in Sales

What You Need

Regain control of your value chain and offer yourself the key to success in the new era of dropshipping business.

Reliable & Responsive Partner

Sourcing & Quality Control Process

Transparent & Competitive Pricing

Good Customer Support

That's why you need 3Pulse solutions

Let us help you grow your dropshipping business 

International Team

Partner up with an international team that will understand your needs. We work according to your brand strategy respecting international regulations.

Transparent Pricing

Quote your products at competitive prices as we disclose our margins in our quotations. Get full price transparency with us.

Unique Products

We help you stand out among the competition with unique and customized products and packaging, private labeling, gift cards, manuals, etc.


We put together your goods to send one parcel per order, which helps you save money on shipment and customer service.


Connect your shop with our system and automate your business with seamless fulfillment of your orders. Our system automatically uploads tracking numbers to your shop.

Optimise Lead-Time

Reduce shipping lead-time with special lines for fast delivery. In addition, we continuously optimize our shipping methods from China to abroad.

Customer Service

Our dedicated and experienced team helps you support your end customers in 8 different languages. Respond to clients in 24hrs thanks to our multi-language executives.


We manage your refunds and reships professionally which will lead to a good customer experience.

Our Happy Clients!!


Dropshipper: Clothing Apparel
"It was a game-changer for me to move from AliExpress standard to a customized product. 3pulse team helped me find a better supplier by ensuring quality through their systematic control and have also improved my product branding by adding labels on the fabric and lasering my brand on the logistic box (without MOQ!).
My customers have now a better trust in my products, they recognize my brand and recommend my shop. I strongly recommend 3pulse's solutions!"
Dropshipper: Children's toys
"I faced issues with the agent I worked with. Communication was complicated, their response time was long, and I often doubted their words. The team of 3pulse is responsive and fully transparent, from their pricing (they disclose their margin) to updates of situations of my parcels. Time saved to focus on more value-added activities."




E-commerce Entrepreneur
"I had a project of launching my line of yoga equipment. This start-up project was time-intensive. 3pulse's team helped me cover all the sourcing and development of my dream product. All requirements were met. They really think out of the box to deliver above expectations. Quality... for sure. They are my best partner!"
"I sell a product pretty cheap, but I still wanted to have my branding. 3pulse helped me get it cheaper than my previous agent. I’ve been able to get my product at my brand and without MOQ. They split the goods price from shipment price, which is great for my cash flow. I pay 20% upfront, and 80% about 10 days later. Amazing!"




Customer Support Company
"I have an e-commerce company and with all the huge orders and queries, I often missed mails and wasn't able to respond in time to customer queries and demands. The customer service outsourcing solution helped me overcome this problem. 3pulse directly responds to my end customers in their language and quickly. This has given me a lot more time to push my project forward."
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